Warnings for august-september 2016

Author: Krishna Darshan - Alan Wiuker
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On august 11th Jupiter has moved from Leo to Virgo, after being there for about one year.
From about February 2016 Jupiter was sharing the sign with Rahu, causing an inauspicious combination names as Guru-Chandala yoga.
That combination reached its maximum effect on June 2016, when Jupiter and Rahu were in the same degree.
This combination caused many people to get confused about the right dharma. Under this influence of Rahu, the shadows of the mind tend to veil the light of wisdom from Jupiter. It was actually observed widely that many people didn’t follow the good advice of the wise and their teacher and actually followed the bad advice. As it is commonly observed when this conjunction happens, many people even insulted of offended their teachers and mentors under the dark influence of Rahu.
So in one way this change of Jupiter moving into a different constellation than Rahu brings some relief for Jupiter and hopefully the collective human mind will be again more clear and in tune with the higher Dharma.
But there are other astrological situations that are quite adverse, that are just about to happen between the end of august and part of September.

There are several astrological factors happening quite simultaneously or one after the other that make this a very dangerous time for the human peace and light.
As always, some people will be more affected than others from those planetary placements, and that depends on their own birth chart, the planetary period they are on and many other factors which relate to the type of karma the individual is to experience at the particular time.
Nevertheless, humanity and earth as a whole is collectively affected by those events, as we are all connected and linked to each other.

These are the astrological events that will take place:
(*the exact dates may change depending on your location on earth)
Aug 20 mercury will be in planetary war with Jupiter until aug 24th
*Planetary war happens when two planets are with less than one degree of separation from each other. It creates a lot of tension to the planets and it’s a time of great disturbance in the collective mind and health.

• Aug 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Mars will be in war with Saturn, with total conjunction on aug 24th
• Venus will be in its debilitation sign between aug 25th and sep 19
• On aug 26 and 27 Jupiter will be in war with Venus
• On aug 28 Venus is in planetary war with Jupiter and Mercury at the same time
• On aug 29 Mercury is in war with Venus
• On aug 30 -mercury starts retrograde until sep 22
• Sept 1st - Sun eclipse
• Sep 2, 3 and 4 -mercury in war with Jupiter again
• Sep 15 -maximum debilitation of Venus
• Sep 16- Moon eclipse

Sep 19- Venus gets out of debilitation,
• Sept 22- mercury goes direct again

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Om Shanti
Krishna Darshan


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