What’s going on in the Heavens?
Author: Krishna Wiuker
May 31, 2012

For the past year I have been too busy to write and send astrological newsletters, but in these past weeks so many people have been writing to me asking questions regarding an intense disturbance that many people have been feeling or experiencing recently, so I though I should write something about it.

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon, have been in the constellations of Scorpio (Rahu) and Taurus (Ketu) since June 6th 2011 and will stay there until December 23rd 2012.
(When I talk about signs and constellations I mean the sideral zodiac used in vedic astrology, which is different from the tropical zodiac used in western astrology).
Rahu and Ketu are considered as debilitated in the signs of Scorpio/Taurus respectively as per the jyotish shastra.
In this case, being “debilitated” doesn’t mean that their effects are weaker, but it means that their effects are more difficult to deal with.

Why is it so? Why is Rahu debilitated in Scorpio and Ketu in Taurus?
Scorpio is the natural 8th house of the zodiac. The 8th house is a difficult one, related to death, destruction, the dark side of the mind, sin, bad karmas and punishment. It also has a positive potential, being a house of Moksha or spiritual liberation and if it is well disposed in a birth chart it can bring great intuition, understanding of the secrets of the mind and nature, knowledge of secret sciences and deep spiritual experiences.
But Rahu placed in the 8th house or Scorpio can be very dangerous. This is because Rahu doesn’t have much discrimination between right and wrong. He is a force of “Tamas”. His nature is to cover the light, it is the cause of the eclipse of the light and makes the shadow become visible or manifested.
He acts based on compulsive desire and is very ambitious. When it is in Scorpio or the 8th house he feels very attracted to experience the dark side of the mind and the dark side of power, feeding the most dark samskaras or mental tendencies that a person or the collective humanity can have.
If a person has spiritual maturity and other virtues then Rahu here can make him a great psychologist, one who understands the dark secrets of the mind and can work with them in a healing way. But if this maturity has not been reached yet, then it can bring very powerful temptation and draw the mind to the dark regions.
Some of the dark and hidden secrets of people in power are coming out to the surface due to some of these events.

On the other hand, Ketu is the “Moksha karaka” the planet that represents Moksha, spiritual liberation and disassociation from the material world.
But Taurus is the 2nd house of the zodiac and it represents the material prosperity, finances, stability and grounding, something completely contrary to Ketu’s nature.
So it is not by chance that now when Ketu is in Taurus, humanity is experiencing strong world financial crises, which are affecting even the most powerful countries and economies.
So,for the past year this placement of Rahu and Ketu has been affecting humanity from the level of collective karma as well as individually, in different ways, and that depends on the individual karmas, shown by the different placements of these planets in their birth charts.
People who were born with the ascendant, sun or moon in the signs of Taurus or Scorpio, and also Leo and cancer can be some of the most affected by this placement of Rahu and Ketu. This is even more significant for those born under Krittika or Jyeshta Nakshatras, because of the eclipses happening right at these points of Taurus/Scorpio.
Now, in these past weeks the situation has been particularly aggravated because of the Sun eclipse that happened last may 20th and the coming moon eclipse on June 4th.
The Sun and the moon are the “Luminaries” they bring the light. They are “Satvic” grahas and they are especially afflicted by the conjunction of Rahu and Ketu, and more so when there is a full eclipse.
The eclipses tend to have a very disturbing influence on the psyche of humans and even in the forces of nature, causing more propensities for earthquakes, floods and other climatological or environmental disturbances.
The times of Sun and Moon eclipses are the only moments when we can see Rahu and Ketu visible in the sky, as the shadow that covers the sun or moon at the time of the eclipse.
The moon exerts a very powerful influence on the human mind and emotions.
During the past Sun eclipse, not only the Sun and Moon were affected by it but also a particular confluence of planets, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury were and are also there in conjunction with the eclipse. This creates a strong effect on so many people, because if either of these planets is our ascendant ruler or an important dispositor in your birth chart, you are surely affected by the eclipse.
There are eclipses every year, several times a year, but what is particular about the current situation is that the eclipses are happening when Rahu and Ketu are in their sign of debilitation!
The effect is of course different in each individual and that depends on their own birth chart, the Dashas (planetary periods) and other benefic or malefic transits that can be affecting the individual chart. Some people may even benefit personally from the eclipses in many ways, but in spite of that, if even one human being is suffering it will affect the mind of the whole humanity, because we are all connected. And a massive amount of people suffering will definitely affect everyone, consciously or unconsciously, even if you seem to be having a “good time”.
After the Sun eclipse the Moon has continue its journey in the sky, but to conjunct Mars first, then to be hemmed in between Mars and Saturn, then to be conjunct Saturn, then to be hemmed in between Saturn and Rahu, and to complete it, it will conjunct Rahu in June 4th being a Moon eclipse, that is happening in Scorpio! Even though this is a partial eclipse, is still a very signficative astrological event.
Scorpio is the debilitation sign of the moon! And it will be there eclipsed by Rahu being in its debilitation sign as well, and both of them aspected by Saturn and Mars at the same time!
All this is an important severe affliction to the Moon, which is in turn afflicting the collective mind and the individual human mind in a very powerful and disturbing way.
Between the two eclipses, there has been also the combustion of Mercury for some days and there will be a planetary war between Venus and Mercury on June 1st and a severe combustion of Venus.

What to do about all this?
The best thing you can do is to continue with your spiritual practices.
The practice of Japa Yoga and mantra chanting is a very good way to protect the psyche from negative astrological forces. Especially you can do Japa of: Maha Mritunjaya mantra, Maha Mantra, Durga mantra or Siva mantra, Vishnu mantra or your own Ishta Devata mantra.
Doing devotional ceremonies or pujas and homas is also a counteractive force invoking divine grace and positive psychic energy.
Try to meditate, calm the mind and emotions as much as you can, avoid getting involved in passionate dramas and continue your selfless service to humanity and to the alleviation of those who suffer.

And even beyond that, remember that everything is changing, ephemeral, illusory, everything will pass. Just remain as a silent and detached witness, without identifying yourself with the changing phenomena.

What about the 2012 prophecies?
The astrological situation that I just mentioned, has nothing to do in my opinion to the events that have been so popularly spread in the internet and other new age media about 2012 and the Mayan prophecies.
Some people have been predicting catastrophic events, even the “end of the world” by December 2012, based on some interpretation of the Mayan prophecies. Others are predicting a kind of collective enlightenment or the beginning of a golden age from this December 2012.
Personally I don’t thing it will happen neither way. There will be no end of the world, neither the sudden enlightenment. Actually these views seem quite naive to my personal understanding and in my knowledge there is not any astrological sign indicating any of these possibilities.
There is though an intense transformation going on in the earth , we are surely facing challenges in areas like ecology, energy, waste, overpopulated areas, crime, war and others. We humans are facing a strong karmic purification of a wrongly oriented “civilization”, which was actually predicted in the Vedic scriptures long time ago, but it will not be the end of the world.

Om Shanti !
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu!

Author: Krishna Wiuker
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