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Author: Krishna Darshan - Alan Wiuker
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There are in Jyotish what is called "Upayes" or astrological remedial measurements to harmonize or alleviate the afflictions caused by the adverse planetary energies, or to boost or amplify the favorable ones.
Among those Upayes or remedies we have: the use of mantras, yantras, pujas or purificatory rituals, and the use of Gemstones called "Ratnas".
The use of gemstones has been mentioned by the ancient scriptures and recommended by masters of vedic astrology, and it is still very much used in India until nowadays.
There are several mythological stories about the origin of the gemstones, because it is sometimes difficult to understand the way they function and their effect.
Every element in nature has a particular kind of energy of a specific wavelength, which will also affect our own energy field in our astral or subtle body.

The planetary energies affect us in our astral bodies.
Certain gemstones have a particular energy wavelength, which correspond to the planetary energies and when they are worn, they create an influence on our astral body, strengthening, amplifying and harmonizing the weak or distorted energy of those corresponding planets.
That power of the Gemstones has been acknowledged and used since immemorial times by different spiritual traditions, healers, shamans, and astrologers, for their spiritual, psychic and healing properties.

There are different categories of gemstones used in Jyotish:
The Maha Ratnas , are the best and more powerful stones, that even with a relatively small size and weight can have notorious effects.
Some of those gems are very precious and rare, therefore they can be very expensive.
The Upa-Ratnas are also powerful stones, but not as much as the first type, therefore they usually require a bigger size to be as effective, but they are more abundant and therefore their prize is more affordable by most people.

Maha Ratna
(principal gem)
Minimum carats
Upa Ratna
(alternative gema)
Minimum carats
Red Garnet
Ocean Pearl
Cultured pearl, moonstone, quarts crystal

Red coral
(not stained)

Jade, green tourmaline, aquamarine
Yellow Sapphire
Yellow topaz, citrine
White sapphire,
quartz crystal,
natural zircon
3 -5
Blue Sapphire
Amethyst, lapis lazuli
Cat's eye
Tiger's eye

It is very important to say that the gemstones used for astrological purpose should be flawless , and of the best possible and affordable quality.

They must have the following requisites:

  • They must be natural stones, not synthetic ones.
  • They should not be irradiated neither chemically treated or stained
  • (most gemstones used in modern jewelry go through some of this processes to improve their color, unfortunately)
  • They must not have any fissures, ridges, cavities, holes, cracks, bubbles, spots or dirt.
  • They must not have impurities, rests of foreign materials or other minerals
  • They must be of a bright and homogeneous color and have a good luster. Avoid dull, foggy or smoky kind of gems.

Gemstones with defects should not be used, as they distort the energy and can cause the opposite, adverse effect.

How to choose the gems to wear:
The gems must be choused by a competent vedic astrologer, based on the individual chart, and not based on the sun sign alone.
Even though al the gems have a healing potential, they may not all be good for everyone.
Using the wrong gemstones can amplify the adverse energies on the chart, causing more harm than good.
There are several criteria to choose astrological gems, but some points are important.
Gemstones corresponding to the planets which rule the inauspicious houses, 6 th , 8 th and 12 th should be avoided as a general rule, as they tend to bring adverse effects.
Gems corresponding to the planets ruling the trine houses, like 1 st , 5 th and 9 th and planets forming auspicious Yogas are usually the best to be used.
The ascendant Lord's gem will strength the health and expression of the person as well the Moon's ruling planet gem will strength the mind and emotions.
It is also important to choose an astrologically auspicious date and time (Muhurtha) to start wearing the gem, when the energy of the planet is strong and favorable.

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