Jupiter in Cancer
By Krishna Darshan

Author: Krishna Darshan - Alan Wiuker
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Meaning and importance of Jupiter moving into Cancer, this coming June 19th, 2014

Jupiter is about to enter the constellation of Cancer, this coming June 19th 2014 and it will stay there until July 14th 2015.
It takes about 12 years for Jupiter to go around the 12 zodiac signs, so it remains on each constellation for about one year.
Cancer is the exaltation sign of Jupiter, meaning, it is a place in the sky where Jupiter can manifest all its power and energy.
The effect of this on an individual level may be different, depending on the position of Jupiter on their birth chart, the house rulership, conjunctions, aspects and several other astrological factors, so it has to be analyzed individually.

It is not sufficient to give a prediction based on just your sun sign, your ascendant sign or moon sign alone, since all of those have to be considered together, plus many other factors.
But on a world, collective level, this transit of Jupiter into Cancer is a very great and benefic event, a time of spiritual celebration!

And that is because Jupiter is the planet that represents dharma or righteousness, wisdom, spirituality, expansion, the Guru and higher teachings. He is also represents the prosperity that comes due to past good, dharmic actions (punya).
Jupiter is called Guru, the teacher. In the Vedas, he is Brihaspati, the Guru of the Devas, beings of light or angelical beings.

So this transit of Jupiter in Cancer will be good for humanity as it will increase the dharmic consciousness on a collective level. People who are desirous to do good, to increase their wisdom, to learn from their teachers or to teach to others and spread knowledge, will be benefited a lot.
People who follow more their lower selfish, materialistic and instinctive level will find more obstacles to succeed in their endeavors.

This will be a great year for spiritual teachers and institutions, religious institutions, priests, yoga teachers, charity organizations. It is also a good year for judges, law makers or lawyers, as far as they have a sincere desire to practice justice and morality.
It is a great time to build or inaugurate temples, shrines, ashrams, yoga centers, universities or other higher learning facilities.
It is a great time to approach a Guru or spiritual mentor, to take courses, start studies of all sorts, but especially for philosophical, spiritual or religion related knowledge.
A strong Jupiter is also favorable for marriage or for conceiving or having children, for those who follow the path of householders.

But not the whole of that time of Jupiter in Cancer will be such benefic and strong. There will be times when Jupiter will be afflicted, even though being in Cancer.
Those times could actually be exactly opposite to what was said, times when Jupiter’s benefic energy may be blocked, twisted, distorted or misused, giving room for the more negative trends to manifest. Things like religious fundamentalism, dogmatism and fanaticism, which can trigger religious terrorism or the so called “holly wars”, rise of religious charlatans or fake Gurus or people confusing real dharma with a-dharma, taking one for the other.
As much as religion, ideals and beliefs can be a source of inspiration towards light, mental clarity, love compassion or generosity, its distortion is the most often cause of hate, war and deception. Those are all potentials of an afflicted Jupiter.

Some of those dangerous times will be:
Between June 13th and June 24th Jupiter is Sandhi, meaning, it is in the very edge of the constellations, last degree of Gemini and first degree or Cancer. At those points the planets are weak to express and materialize their energy. But those are good moments for meditation or internal spiritual practices.

(The weakness of Jupiter at this time can easily be related to the recent events in Iraq, where fundamentalism is once again taking over.)

Jupiter will be in maximum combustion on July 24th, the day it conjuncts the Sun. But the effect of this combustion starts many days before as the sun approaches Jupiter, and lasts for many days after that date, loosing gradually its negative effect as the sun separates enough from Jupiter. Jupiter combustion is a great potential for fanaticism, and it is usually found in the birth charts of people who have a tendency towards religious fanaticism or extremists behaviors.

There will be planetary war between Jupiter and Mercury on August 2nd. Intellect, reason and faith will be in conflict with each other.

Planetary war between Jupiter and Venus will happen between August 16th and August 19th. Jupiter is the Guru of the Devas, while Venus is the Guru of the asuras. Jupiter stands for righteousness and morality, while Venus stands for pleasure and enjoyment of the senses. That’s a constant external and internal battle between the impulse of what is right versus what is more pleasant and easy. These two forces will be in great conflict during those days. At times Jupiter will win, at times Venus will win. Finally Jupiter will win, because it will soon get back to its full strength, while Venus will be in an uncomfortable position.

Jupiter will be debilitated in Navamsa between September 20th and October 9th. This will diminish very much Jupiter’s strength and beneficence.

Jupiter will be in retrograde motion between December 9th 2014 and April 8th 2015. Retrograde motion can make a planet behave opposite to its nature or in a “twisted”, exaggerated or distorted way. This is again a time when religion can easily become twisted and misused.

Mars and Jupiter will be in exact opposition on January 1st 2015. Those two planets will be in their exaltation signs simultaneously, making them very strong. It can be a very powerful combination for someone to do a great valorous righteous action, but it is also a time of great potential for war, especially one based on religion or beliefs. The effects of that opposition can be felt or manifested from about a week before or after that date.

Another Venus Jupiter planetary war will happen on June 30th, 2015.

From July 1st until July 27th, 2015, Jupiter will be in the Gandanta junction between Cancer and Leo. That’s also a time of obstruction to the benefic energy of Jupiter, and a dangerous time, even though it can be a great time for meditation, introspection and retreat.

The 12 year cycle of Jupiter.
It takes 12 years for Jupiter to go around the Sun and pass through the 12 constellations or zodiac signs.
That’s why in the Vedic and yoga tradition, and also in the learning of Indian classical music, dance and arts, it is said that 12 years is the minimum time needed to be learning from a Guru or teacher. If we want to really understand a science, and especially a spiritual science or art, we will need 12 year to just start to understand what it is about, to absorb, digest and assimilate the experience of the teacher and make it into our own experience. Then of course, it may take the whole life time or more to really master that science.

Nowadays that seems quite impossible. Very, very few people spend 12 years or more with the same teacher or in the same path. The modern mind wants constant change, wants things quickly, instantly if possible. Like we want instant coffee, instant food, we want instant knowledge. Quite an impossible thing.

People go in constant change from teacher to teacher, from one path to another path, without deepening into any of them. It is a great mistake. The cycle of Jupiter can help us to understand why Jupiter, the teacher, needs to take us through all the 12 dimensions of experience so we can have a complete picture of something.

Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha !
Om Gum Gurubhyo Namaha !

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