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Author: Krishna Darshan - Alan Wiuker
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One of the roles of Vedic astrologers is to identify the afflicting planets in the birth chart, but also to advise and prescribe methods to alleviate or counteract those negative effects or sufferings caused by those adverse planets.
Those alleviating remedial measures are called "Upayes" or "Upayas". First we have to understand the notion of "fixed" and non-Fixed karmas. The Karmas can be classified in 3 ways, according to the possibilities of changing it:

Dridha or Fix karma, is the karma which is very difficult or impossible to avoid or change (only Divine grace could do it)
It is identified in the birth chart when there are many adverse indications showing the same affliction, usually repeated on the divisional charts, repeated from the moon ascendant (Chandra lagna) and without any benefic aspects of other planets or other placements suggesting the contrary. The more the indications showing the same thing in the chart, the more difficult it will be to change or avoid the results.
If the same indication is shown reading the chart from lagna, Chandra lagna and Surya lagna at the same time (sudharshana chakra) and there are no alleviating factors or aspects, the situation may be extremely difficult to change.

Adridha or non-fixed karma is the karma which can be change with a minimum effort, or the effect doesn’t last long enough to create a problem.
This can happen when there are actions done in the past which neutralize or compensate each other.
An example of that: suppose someone has done a wrong action like stealing in a past life, but after that he has also done a lot of charity and help to other people. He may still have to experience some negative result from the wrong action, perhaps being stolen or loose something dear, but because of the other and predominant good actions he may get unexpected donations, wealth, get help from others and recover the lost.
This can be seen on the chart when there is an affliction, but there are many other factors which bless the house or indicate the opposite result. For example, let’s say, there is a negative planet placed on a certain house, but the ruler of the house is exalted on another good house, hemmed between two benefic planets, and aspected by more than one benefic planet. The problem may still have to be experienced and will manifest in certain time of the life, but it can be overcome easily or even turned into something good at the end.

Dridha-Adridha is the mixed kind of situation, when the karma can be changed, but only after intense and prolonged effort.
Suppose you see several adverse indications of affliction to a certain house or area of life in the birth chart, but there are some benefic planets aspecting it or some other alleviating factor in the chart.
Most people’s chart is of that kind, a mixed karma. It is here that finding the right type of Upaye can be very helpful for the person.
One key to find the most appropriate Upaye is to see which are the planets that are beneficial in the chart, and especially those planets that are throwing good benefic aspects to an afflicted area of the chart, and find the way to boost them, strength or amplify their signification.
For example, if Venus is a benefic planet for a chart and is aspecting an afflicted planet or house, it may indicate that the remedy will be related with Venus significations, and the remedy could be Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan, Pujas, opening the heart and love, being more social, listen or play music, arts, wearing appropriate Gemstones, aromatherapy, etcetera.
If Saturn is a benefic influence and help on the chart, then it may indicate that the remedy is more related with the strengthening of the self-discipline, responsibility, austerity, selfless service, fasting and etcetera.

How the astrological remedies work
The planets are nor just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces which affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body.
The planetary energies create a pattern, a shape and a combinations of colors in our astral body, which irradiates and attracts a similar energy towards it.
The different planets contribute to the color of the aura and that color and vibratory wavelength is related with our thoughts, feelings, health, and the situations we attract to our life.
The Upayes work by managing or changing those astral influences in our own astral body, strengthening or diminishing certain colors, frequencies or wavelengths like creating a kind of protective shield.

There are several types of Upayes or remedies:
Some of them are:

  • YOGA
    The most important Upaye or way we can purify and enlighten our astral body is Yoga
    Please don’t understand here the word Yoga as just a form of physical exercise, as it is commonly understood in the west.
    Even though the physical practices or asanas are a very important part of it and they themselves can bring important changes in the astral body and the mind, Yoga also includes a discipline of the mind, emotions, subtle energies, actions, behavior, the practice of meditation and most important, a total surrender to God.
    Yoga goes right to the source of the human problems which is the spiritual ignorance and it gives tools to change the thought and behavior patterns that are associated with the negative planets. For each planet and actually for each planetary combination or each individual chart situation the astrologer has to find which is the appropriate Yoga, and give the right kind of spiritual advice for the consultant.
    In some cases it may be more meditation, in other case it may be more towards devotion and developing pure and selfless love (Bhakti Yoga), in others the practice of asanas or body postures, or different breathing exercises and pranayama, or the path of karma yoga, selfless service and detachment in action, Jnana yoga, Kundalini yoga, etcetera, or most probably a certain combination of more than one path.
    All those teachings and techniques are based on the developing of self-discipline of the mind and emotions to bring them from a gross level into a tune with the Divine mind and “Dharma” or cosmic order.
    Please read my article “Yoga, meditation and Jyotish” for some more detailed explanations about how each Yoga works.
    Even though The yogic disciplines are the ones that go to the very source of the problems, they can be the most difficult to practice for the majority of people, who just expect the astrologer to give him some quick and easy solution, a magic formulae, whereas the yogic remedies require a change of lifestyle and rigorous discipline sustained over a long period of time.
    It is like in a case of a person suffering from cough goes to a doctor and ask for a remedy.
    The good doctor tells him: “quit smoking and do breathing exercises every day”. But the patient doesn’t want to give up his habit and looks for another doctor who just gives him a cough pill.
    There is nothing wrong with the cough pills, but in that case it doesn’t go to the source of the problem.
    In the same way, all human problems are caused by the fact of not being aware and in tune with their Soul or divine nature. This is called spiritual ignorance, which is the cause of all karmas and wrong actions which lead to pain either in this life or on a future one.
    When we see an afflicting planet on a birth chart, it is showing something we have done wrong on the past lives and we need to acknowledge and change in this life. The afflicting planets are in fact, teachers. It is the role of Jyotish to recognize the afflicting planets and their associated karmas to prescribe the right discipline.
    Each afflicted or afflicting Planet is showing a need to learn certain lesson or to strength certain aspect of the mind and personality.
    Understanding that is the key to the use of astrology as a healing path.
    Of course each chart has to be analyzed individually and as a whole, and the houses which those planets afflict may show different areas of life in which the meaning has to be applied, but some of the main relationship between the planets and the needed lessons to learn are:
    Working out some ego issues. Understanding who we really are, understanding the true nature of the Soul. Meditate on the Atman or inner Self, finding the peace and light within the Self.
    A weak Sun may show lack of self-esteem, but a too strong Sun badly placed can show a too strong ego and a selfish personality.
    Learning how to use and relate with power, position and authority in a Dharmic way.
    Learning to respect the Father and elders, and heal the relationship with them.


    Working out some ego issues. Understanding who we really are, understanding the true nature of the Soul. Meditate on the Atman or inner Self, finding the peace and light within the Self.
    A weak Sun may show lack of self-esteem, but a too strong Sun badly placed can show a too strong ego and a selfish personality.
    Learning how to use and relate with power, position and authority in a Dharmic way.
    Learning to respect the Father and elders, and heal the relationship with them.

    Learning to control and purify the mind and emotions.
    Develop mental peace through meditation.
    Issues with the mother from bad karma to her.
    Respect mother, motherhood and woman. Uplift and channel the emotions trough Bhakti, pure love and devotion to God.

    Develop courage and initiative without a selfish purpose; learn to relax, calm down and practice non violence, control anger and use of energy, physical and mental strength for defense of dharmic principles alone.
    There may be a tendency to try to impose your will to others by force, a dictatorial or tyrannical nature which has to be changed.
    Protect righteousness and justice. Destroy and detach from unnecessary possessions or negative patterns. Separate from the wicked and ignorant. Develop a one-pointed mind.
    Practice Hatha Yoga and relaxation techniques.

    Learn discrimination and proper use of intellect. Apply intelligence for spiritual and selfless purposes.
    Sublimate the intellect into intuition. Learn to deal honestly on business. Speak the truth alone. Aspire for knowledge and impart knowledge to others selflessly.
    Practice of Gñana yoga and study of Vedanta philosophy under a competent teacher.

    Develop a mature faith, philosophy and believe system, being practical at the same time. Learn proper relationship with teachers. Respect and support religious people and values. Follow dharma, righteousness and justice in daily life. Accept an honest, mature and wise person as Guru, do service to him/her and learn about spiritual knowledge.

    Learn to enjoy life in a healthy and “sattvic”, pure way.
    Heal the sexual relationships. Sublimate the grosser sexual energy, avoiding attachment to sensual pleasures and over indulgence.
    Transform the need of love from a physical level into a spiritual and divine compassion.
    Recognize the beauty of the creation as a manifestation of the divine presence and grace. Become an artist as an instrument of God’s creation work.
    Recognize the beauty of woman and the female qualities as a manifestation of the divine mother or cosmic Shakti.
    Bhakti Yoga is indicated.

    Saturn indicates areas that we have to focus and develop responsibility. Develop inner strength and capacity to bear the hardships of life.
    Develop strict inner discipline but without repression of the human love and compassion.
    Learn to be humble, work hard and serve other people as a duty, without feeling humiliated or expecting nothing in return.
    Practice of concentration, austerities, fasting and seclusion for spiritual strengthening.
    Work hard for the benefit of others without expectations, as an offering to God. Serve the Sick, afflicted and poor people.
    Karma Yoga is indicated

    Rahu and Ketu show the play of “Raga-Dwesha”, the attractions and repulsions that take place constantly on the mind on a sub-conscious level. They are the factors that create the mental agitation and lack of mental peace.
    Rahu’s afflictions can be related with subconscious turmoil coming from unresolved situations from previous lives.
    It indicates a need to understand the unconscious and subconscious mind and bring the unresolved issues into a conscious state.
    Rahu’s attraction to the dark and hidden areas can easily tune to lower or negative astral entities and lead to adharmic actions.
    Beware of wrong type of spiritual practices which can damage or open too much the astral body. Avoid negative places and people and any kind of intoxication. Be aware and sublimate the strong inner desires.
    Rahu is related with strong compulsive desires and fears which are usually unconscious and come from the frustrations of previous lives. They can easily turn into addictions.
    Rahu’s Yogic remedy is basically to introspect, recognize and detach from the mind’s strong desires.
    Channel and express your personal ambitions and desires toward a higher and spiritual goal, without becoming obsessed and without expecting powers or astral experiences.
    Overcome fear by developing spiritual strength, esoteric knowledge, faith, devotion and detachment.

    Ketu shows a need to renounce the lower Ego, the materialistic attachments, and change the previous “Samskaras” or mental impressions and tendencies we bring from the past lives.
    Ketu shows something we may have done too much on the past and now there is a need to compensate for that. Ketu feels guilty about the personal ego and mistakes done in the past.
    Ketu shows a need to spiritualize the areas of life indicated by its house and sign placement, or the planets it conjuncts. It usually does that by creating separation or dissatisfaction towards the related area of life.
    The best ways to manage the Ketu energy is by spiritual practices like seclusion, meditation, introspection, renunciation, study of ancient spiritual disciplines and Vedanta philosophy, following the intuition, understand death and the ephemeral nature of the material and sensual world.
    Both Rahu and Ketu have to be understood as an axis, which shows the play of “Raga and Dwesha”, the desires and repulsions that swing the mind and steal the inner peace.
    Understanding their patterns is most important for solving and working out the karmas and inner conflicts.


    The use of mantras is also a very important form of Yoga, and it is especially recommended as a powerful astrological remedy as well as a spiritual practice and meditation technique.
    A Mantra is a sound formula, either a syllable, a word or a combination of words, that when repeated enough times with the right intonation, devotional feeling and concentration of the mind, has the capacity to change the vibrations on the astral body, neutralizing or changing the negative effects of the adverse planetary influences.
    The Mantras are sounds discovered or “heard” by the Rishis on deep meditation states. No one can “invent” a mantra.
    The Vedic Rishis and Yogis understood the process of creation of the world in the form of sound vibrations. Everything in the universe has a particular sound vibration, which can be heard in meditative states.
    Thought itself is nothing but sound, in a particular wavelength.
    Each thought has not only a particular sound, but also a corresponding shape, color, size and weight.
    Sound and form go together. Besides each form or shape there is a sound vibration, a name, and vice versa.
    The Sanskrit alphabet was made from the sound heard on the different chakras and Nadis (astral tubes), and that’s why the mantras are in Sanskrit language.
    Mantras are actually what the Sanskrit language is made of.
    When a Mantra is repeated correctly, it activates those nadis and chakras.
    Repeating a mantra is therefore a way we can manipulate and change the vibratory level on our astral body and activate the Kundalini Shakti or spiritual transformational power.
    Each Planet also has a vibratory level and sound associated.
    All the actions and thoughts, the karmas that we have created on the past, even past lives, create a particular type of sound and color pattern on our mind and astral body.
    That sound and color pattern in our astral body is what attracts the life events.
    In what we think, we become. According to the vibration of our astral body we will attract a material situation, a life experience related to that vibration.
    The position of the planets at the moment of birth and their continuous movements, transits and periods of influence (dashas) affect our mind and astral body, triggering, amplifying and releasing those past impressions of the karmas into an actual experience, which makes the different life situations manifest in different ways at different times.
    So, by repeating a mantra we can invoke a high and positive level of astral energy that can neutralize and change the negative patterns.
    Each Planet has one or more Mantras which when repeated help to transform their negative effect into the positive one. It is like “healing” the effect of that planet on our astral body.
    Each planet has also a presiding deity, whose mantra can be used with the same or even better effect.
    Remember that the planets are nothing but the instruments of God to perform the law of Karma.
    Even though God is one, it can be invoked in different ways to help us overcome and liberate from the grip of the planets.
    There is a highest category of Mantras called the “Moksha Mantras” which are also called “the names of God”, and if repeated with sincere devotion and mental concentration, have the capacity to remove all karmic afflictions, independently of which planet is the afflicting one.
    It is recommended to choose one Moksha Mantra and focus on that one Mantra for the whole life as the “personal” mantra, or “Ishta Devata” mantra.
    That mantra can also be chosen by looking at the birth chart.
    The best situation is to receive the Mantra from an experienced or realized teacher or Guru, trough a ceremony of “Diksha” or initiation. In this way the right pronunciation and intonation is learned, but the most important benefit of that is that the “Shakti” or power of the Mantra can be transmitted from teacher to disciple through initiation. Its power and effects will be greater and faster in this way.
    So some of the Mantras commonly used for astrological remedies are:

  • Planetary mantras:
  • For the Sun: "Om Suryaya Namaha"
    or the Mantra of lord Rama: "Om Sri Ramaia Namaha"
    or the Gayatri mantra: "Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha, tat savitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi, dhio yo nah prachodayat"

    For the Moon: "Om Chandraya Namaha"
    or "Om Somaya Namaha"
    or the Krishna Mantra "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"
    or the Siva Mantra "Om Namah Sivaya"

    For Mars: "Om Kujaya Namaha"
    or "Om Angarakaya Namaha"
    or the mantra of Lord Subramanya: "Om Subramanyaya Namaha"
    or "Om Sri Sarabhanavabhaya Namaha"

    For Mercury: "Om Budhaya Namaha"
    or the mantra of Lord Vishnu: "Om Namo Narayanaya"

    For Jupiter: "Om Brihaspataye Namaha"
    or the mantra for the Guru: "Om Gum Gurubhyo Namaha"
    or "Om Sri Gurave Namaha"

    For Venus: "Om Shukraya Namaha" or the mantra of goddess Lakshmi: "Om Sri Maha Lakshmiay Namaha" or goddess Saraswati: "Om Aim Saraswatiay Namaha" or Durga: Om Sri Durgaiay Namaha"


For Saturn: "Om Shanaye Namaha"
or "Om Shanaischaraya Namaha"
or the Siva Mantra: "Om Namah Sivaya"
or the Hanuman Mantra: "Om Sri Hanumate Namaha"

For Rahu: "Om Rahave Namaha"
or the Durga Mantra: "Om Sri Durgaiay Namaha"

For Ketu: "Om Ketave Namaha"
or the Ganesha Mantra: "Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha"

  • The Maha Mritunjaya Mantra
    This is a powerful Moksha Mantra which can be chanted for protection of any adverse planet or any kind of adverse omen, danger, disease or accident.

    Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam, Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat"
  • The Ganesha Mantra
    Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles and the Patron of all the planets. He is called the "Graha Pati" the lord of all the planets and his Mantra can be repeated to remove afflictions from any planet.

    " Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha"

    The Maha Mantra
    This is a great Mantra specially recommended for this iron age or Kali Yuga to remove ignorance and suffering and attain God realization.

    Rama and Krishna also stand for the Sun and Moon respectively.

    "Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Here Hare
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare"


    Jagyas and pujas are traditional forms of Vedic worship to specific Deities or planets.
    This method of astrological remedy is emphasized on the classical Jyotish scriptures
    God is the ultimate controller of the planets and dispenser of karma, and everything is possible under his/her grace. There is a very advance knowledge in the Vedic tradition about how to invoke a specific Deity or one of the manifestations or powers of God trough the proper ritual and mantras.
    By this act, the Deity representing the planet is invoked, invited to come and is served by offerings of a special seat, foods, flowers, clothing, water, milk, ornaments, jewels, light, fire, incense, and other sacred objects. There are specific powerful mantras in the form of Vedic hymns for invoking those energies.
    The sincerity of the worshipper in wanting to purify his mind and ego is very important.
    The Puja is a simpler ritual that any person with a little training and sincere intention can do, whereas the Yagyas are more sophisticated and elaborate rituals which should be conducted by a traditional Vedic priest, who does the offerings and rituals in the name of the worshipper.
    Is important to say that from the Yogic point of view, the highest for of worship is when the intention is to surrender totally to God’s will, without expecting anything.
    In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that the worship of gods with the sole purpose to fulfill the material personal desires is done by people of “small intelligence”
    The highest devotee prays: “Thy will be done, my lord”, please give me that which is for my highest good and not just what my ignorant mind wants!


    One way of astrological remedy is to do certain form of austerities.
    Austerities or “tapas” is a form of accepting voluntarily a penance or self-restraint, in order to pay a karmic debt. Tapas strengthens the mind, will power and capacity to endure any difficulty in life. It takes the mind away form the duality of “likes and dislikes”, Raga and Dwesha.
    Taps activates the “Tejas” or fire element in the mind and body, which bestows inner strength, sharp mind and the capacity to achieve any desired situation and overcome any difficulty in life.
    Instead of trying to avoid any form of pain at all means, which is what the mind usually does, the Yogi takes upon himself some challenge to become stronger.
    Tapas can be especially powerful to counteract any negative influence from Saturn or to strength the Mars or Sun energies if weak on the birth chart.
    The most recommended Tapas are:
    Doing service to the poor, the sick, the personal teacher or the wise people, refrain from pleasures that are not healthy and make the mind scattered and attached, observing a pure simple moderated diet, occasional fasts, keeping silence or only speaking what is absolutely necessary and beneficial, getting up early in the morning to do Yoga, meditation or other spiritual practices, assuming and maintaining a steady posture without movement for meditation, sleeping on a hard bed, sitting on the floor.
    One of the highest (and most difficult, but recommended) tapas is: ”Bear insult and injury”, not responding with aggression or negativity towards an offender, not identifying with the ego.
    But tapas don’t mean torturing the body by extreme or “masochist” means, which harm the physical body. Some people cut, burn, beat, pierce their bodies. This kind of extreme Tapas is considered as “Tamasic” or born out of ignorance and delusion.
    The Bhagavad Gita clearly explains that:
    “Worship of God, the brahmanas, the teachers, the wise, purity, straightforwardness, celibacy and non-injury are called the austerities of the body”
    “Speech which causes no excitement, which is truthful, pleasant and beneficial and the study of the Vedas are called austerity of speech”
    Serenity of mind, good heartedness, self-control, purity of nature, this is called mental austerity”
    The austerity which is practiced with the object of gaining good reputation, honor and worship, and with hypocrisy is here said to be of a “rajasic”, unstable and transitory”
    “That austerity which is practiced out of a foolish notion, with self-torture or for the purpose of destroying another is declared to be “Tamasic” or ignorant” Ch 17, v14-19
    Fasting is regarded as an efficient way of physical, mental, spiritual and karmic purification.
    During fasting the toxins from the body are released and that allows the negativity of the mind to be released too. The mind and will power becomes strong. Karmic debts can be purified too.
    The prana or vital force usually occupied in digesting the food can be engaged in healing the body and flowing to the higher chakras during fasting.
    When there is an afflicting planet on the birth chart, or during a difficult “Dasha”, planetary period or difficult transit of that planet, the austerities and fast should be perform on at least the whole day of the week ruled by the planet for at least 6 consecutive weeks.
    Sun – Sunday
    Moon – Monday
    Mars – Tuesday
    Mercury – Wednesday
    Jupiter – Thursday
    Venus – Friday
    Saturn – Saturday
    Rahu – Saturday
    Ketu – Tuesday


    When a planet creates an affliction on the chart, one way to counteract it is by offerings or donations of items related to the planet, to a person related to the planet on the day of the week ruled by that planet.
    There are many factors to be considered in each individual chart for that, but just to give a couple of examples:
    For Saturn: Donate food, money or new black cloths or black mustard seeds to the poor, sick or handicapped people.
    For Jupiter: Donate money and do personal service to the Guru or a spiritual teacher, a priest, monk or a spiritual or religious organization. Do it every Thursday.

Finally, only Devotion and total surrender to God,
removal of the ignorance of Ego and realization of the Self
as Atman can be the real remedy for any karmic suffering.


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