Analysis of Jupiter transiting Capricorn, in your own chart

Given the importance of Jupiter in our life, not only spiritual but material, this analysis can be of great help to you, to understand all the changes that this transit can bring to your life.

Jupiter is about to enter the sidereal constellation of Capricorn this next November 20, 2020, and it will be there for about a year, leaving Capricorn permanently on November 20, 2021. Between April 5 and September 13, 2021, Jupiter will be in Aquarius, and return to Capricorn from September 14 to November 20, 2021.

It takes Jupiter 12 years to complete one turn through all the signs, spending approximately 1 year in each constellation. This is a very important transit since Capricorn is the sign where Jupiter feals debilitated, that is, where he does not feel comfortable at all, and therefore he is not able to give his best.

This weaking is extremely important since Jupiter represents and governs Dharma or righteousness, wisdom, spirituality, expansion; it is called the Guru or teacher, the highest priest as well as the highest philosophical teachings. He also represents the prosperity that comes due to past good deeds, dhrmic actions (punya) and is the planet known as the great benefactor, due to the blessings and auspiciousness it bestows. In the Vedas he is called Brihaspati, he is the Guru of the Devas, the angelic or divine beings.

While debilitated, Jupiter will be influenced by several factors; among them, its important conjunction with Saturn (the rulling planet of Capricorn) which will become a planetary war for a long time, as well as the subsequent conjunction with 4 planets in this sign. These are undoubtedly very important factors to take into account, and will affect each of us in different ways.

Jupiter is also associated with marriage, children and in the case of a woman, with her husband or partner. During this period of debilitation, everything that he represents will be affected.

For each of us Jupiter represents different things in our birth chart, therefore, this is a very good time to deeply understand what Jupiter represents for us and what we can expect at this time.

In this analysis we will focus only on the meaning of Jupiter for you, we will see where he is placed, houses he rules and aspects, aspects he receives, Nakshatra where he resides and of course, what this transit implies for you.

This analysis will cover only the effects of the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn according to your birth chart. It does not include a full analysis of other planets, planetary periods or an analysis of your birth chart. If you want a more complete assesment of your chart and periods-transits, we recomend you to order some of the following reports:

Birth chart report, Periods and transits report (cover approximately 4-5 years), Annual chart (cover one year from the date of order)

This is a personal analysis done by an astrologer and not a computer generated report ! Therefore, it takes some time for you to get the report. You will receive it by email.

Fee: 54 US dollars


Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha!
Om Gum Gurubhyo Namaha!


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