Mars in your chart

Get a special report about how Mars is working in your life according to your birth chart and what you can expect in the following months as well as crucial dates to watch out.
Since May 2nd and until November 5th 2018 Mars is exalted, placed in the sign of Capricorn, full of energy and ready to give the best of himself, thatís why this is a great time for us to understand his energy, tune to it and if possible, take advantage of this transit.
During this transit , Mars will be in conjunction with Ketu , one of the nodes of the Moon, that the scriptures say he acts like Mars. This conjunction of Mars with Ketu has the potential to bring up to the conscious experience some of your past life issues and conflicts related to the Mars energy in your karma. It can either exaggerate the effect of Mars or it may try to inhibit it, but it will come out somehow anyway. Ketu / Mars conjunction is about finding the spiritual lesson of planet Mars.
Letís use this transit of exalted Mars, to first understand deeply and properly what Mars represents in our birth chart, what areas of our life he rules over, and take advantage and use this amazing energy in our benefit.
Until the end of October 2018, you may have the opportunity to get a unique report based only on planet Mars in your birth chart, helping you to understand what he represents, what areas of your life he rules and what can you expect from him during this transit.

Om Mangalaya Namah !
May planet Mars bless us all!.

Fee: 45 US dollars

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