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This is a site for propagation and services on vedic astrology , also known as "Jyotish" or "Hindu astrology", the traditional astrology of India , and its philosophy.
Jyotish is known as "the eye of the Vedas" or the "light of the Vedas", the ancient sacred scriptures of India , were the main spiritual teachings, the science of Yoga and the Vedanta philosophy come from.
The main pourpose of Jyotish is to understand the effects of Karma, or previous actions, in the present life, revealing tendencies, behavior patterns, favorable and unfavorable situations in the various fields of life, and predicting the times were they will manifest.
This knowledge can be of great help to understand and to be aware of the astral forces that the individuals are affected by, and be able to counteract the potential adversities, take advantage of the positive potentials, and lastly, to free oneself off their effects, to attain the inner peace or liberation. Also by understanding the subtle energies of a particulart moment, we can tunne ourselves to nature, to do the right activities at the proper or auspicious times.

We offer vedic astrology services like birth chart readings reports, planetary periods and transits analysis, relationship compatibilities, and others, which you can order on line, reports done personally by an astrologer for each individual and not an automatic computarized chart, as it is mostly offered at the Web. We invite you to read our free articles about Vedic astrology, Vedanta philosophy and Yoga, and we hope to be a helpful service in your path to self-knowledge and spiritual realization.

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