Annual chart

This is a written report of about 4 pages analyzing the main astrological influences during the period of 1 year from the moment it is ordered.
It is most recommended to do it yearly around the birth day, but it can actually be done at any time.
The analisis will be done considering the following astrological factors:

  • The period and sub-planetary period (maha-dasha and antar dasha)
  • The main planetary transits for this year
  • The solar return, called Varshaphala, the chart done for the moment the sun returns to the same position as the birth time.
We recommend to order first the "Planetary periods and transits"
report, which will give you an idea of the direction your karma
is going for the next 3-4 years, and then
you can do this one to go into the each year with more detail.

Fee: 160 U.S. dollars


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