Birth chart report

The position of the planets is calculated for the moment and place of birth. That allows us to assess the individual karma for the different aspects of life. We can recognize or predict certain karmic tendencies, favorable as well as adverse and possible obstacles in life.

Ordering this service you will get a 4-5 page report containing:
The position of the planets in signs and degrees (sidereal zodiac, lahiri ayanamsha)
In Jyotish we use: the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu (north moon node) and Ketu (south moon node).

An analysis of the following topics:
General characteristics of the personality
Based on your birth star, ascendant and his ruler, and other important planetary positions.

Spirituality and karmic lessons to learn in this life
Analysis of your spiritual potentials, type of spiritual practice or path which could be more natural or suitable for you. Analysis of the moon nodes , Rahu-Ketu axis, to understand the unresolved karma you bring from past life which will be the main issue to work out in this life for your spiritual evolution.

Career and economic situation
An analysis of your natural talents, mission of service, profession and means of income.

Home and family
Family relationships, children and home.

Marriage and relationships
We can see patterns of relationship, type of ideal spouse or partner and potential difficulties.

Obstacles and diseases
We analyze what kind of obstacles or difficulties can predominate in your life, and what parts of the body could be more prone to disease.

    • Fee: 185 US dollars


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