Relationship compatibility

This is an analysis of astrological compatibility, very useful to understand the affinities attraction or difficulties that can show up in a marriage relationship, or in other type of relations like friendship, work partnership and others.

In India, even nowadays, most weddings are still arranged with astrological advice, and that could be one factor in the low divorce rate of that country.
The Kuta system analyzes various factors related mainly with the position of the moon on both charts. Each factor gets certain points of score, and depending on how many of those factors are favorable, there will be a final total points which indicates the rate of compatibility.

The moon is considered the most important factor in compatibility, because it indicates the emotional compatibility and capacity to love and feel loved by the other in a long term relationship.
Other planets and factors are also analyzed which will influence in how compatible the couple is in: personality, friendship of the egos, sexual compatibility, intellectual interests, capacity for communication, philosophical and religious approach, and way to face difficulties and responsibilities.

The ancient jyotish scriptures and sages supported the idea that mutual love should be the prime motivation and factor to get married, but that analysis can help to understand which are the areas of attraction and good compatibility, and which could be areas of friction or difficulties, so that they can be worked out more consciously.

The compatibility rate is particularly more important in case of young couples, were the lack of experience, emotional maturity and discrimination could lead to mistakes in important decisions.

Fee: 160 US dollars

Ordering that service you will get a 2 or more page report containing:

  • Favorable factors
  • unfavorable factors
  • total points of compatibility rate
  • and a final conclusion.


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