It consists in answering a question or important doubt, o predicting the future of a situation, based in the chart of the moment that the question is asked.
A doubt can exist in the mind for long time, but it’s “birth” is the moment were it is told o wrote to the astrologer.

Before that, we can say it was in the womb, until it comes out being expressed.
So by doing the chart of the moment of the question we can understand it’s astral influences and present and future possibilities that situation will attract.

Prashna is based on the principle that nothing happens just by “chance” or accident, but there is a “synchronicity” of events, as the famous psychologist Carl Young called it.
There is a synchronicity between the “microcosm”, our personal world, and the “macrocosm” the cosmos in its totality.
Nothing happens in the material or mental world, which is not related with a specific position of the planets.
It is not by chance that you will express the question in a certain moment.

How to formulate the question:
First, the question must be something really important for the person, and not just a curiosity.
Otherwise, the system will not work.
You must ask only one question at the time and be as specific and precise as possible, avoiding multiple options.

This system works best and more accurate when the question you ask is about a YES or NO kind of answer. You can ask about any field of life, as far as it is important for you.
Watch the time at the time you begin to fill the question form, and write it.


Fee: 140 Us dollars

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