Birth time rectification

Knowing your birth time is important for an accurate birth chart calculation and interpretation.
There are times when a few minutes can make big change in the chart, and there are others which not so much.

At least we should have enough precision do determine the ascendant sign of the chart. But if you want to see more details, even the degree of the ascendant will be important.
The accuracy of the chart reading will depend on the accuracy of the time of birth that you give us on the order. So, if you are not sure about your birth time, it is possible to deduce it by a process opposite than the reading, you will have to give us information about important events that already happened in your life and based on that we can usually determine the approximate time of birth.

If you want to do it, click "Order" and you will see a place to fill with information about dates of important life events like: professions you have done, jobs, studies, diseases, accidents, marriages, divorces, children, death of close people or relatives, or any other event that can be considered important in your life, that will help us to determine your time of birth.
Anyway, if you can find your birth time by your own, it is better that you do so, and worthy to do it for the result of your chart reading. Try to get your birth certificate, birth hospital records, mother/father testimony or any other valid mean first.
But if you have no ways to do it, then order the birth time rectification first.
If you have at least an approximation or time frame for your birth, (like “early in the morning”, “late in the afternoon” or “between 2 and 3 pm”, etcetera) it will helpful to us, to get the rectification more accurate.
You must know at least the date of your birth. We can rectify just the time of birth.

IMPORTANT: This birth time rectification work is just to find out your time of birth. It does not include any other of the reports or readings of your chart. After knowing your birth time, you can order any of the other reports/readings.

  • Fee: 185 US dollars


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