Astrological remedies

One of the roles of vedic astrologers is to identify the afflicting planets in the birth chart, but also to advise and prescribe methods to alleviate or counteract those negative effects or sufferings caused by those adverse planets.
Those alleviating remedial measures are called "Upayes".
By analyzing your birth char and your current planetary influences we will give you a few recommendations to counteract the negative effects and to boost the favorable ones. You will receive an email report of about 1 or 2 pages long.

Those recommendations can include some of the following remedial measures:
• Spiritual practices and specific Yoga techniques
• Pujas or Yagyas (Vedic rituals) to specific planets or Deities.
• Use of specific gemstones
• Use of specific colors
• Repetition of Mantras
• Use of Yantras
• Fasting on specific days
• Donations or charities
• Rituals

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